On yet another plane supporting LBJ's alma mater - and one of the universities attended by one of my 5 kids.

On yet another plane supporting LBJ's alma mater - and one of the universities attended by one of my 5 kids.

Quick Overview: 

Over the course of 10 years starting in 2002, I flew 6 million miles to destinations in Africa, South America and Asia transacting over $100 million in early stage business investments. For three consecutive years, Deloitte ranked my firm as one of the ten fastest growing. In 2008, I was an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist. In 2010, I received the Earl Warren Outstanding Public Service Award in recognition of independent contract work rendered to the CIA.  In 2012, I testified to Congress in regard to my independent contract work.  Few share the breadth and depth, let alone the ups and downs of my experience in the worlds’ frontier economies.  I’m taking that experience with two partners that share related experiences and founding a frontier market investment research and asset management firm. Below is a letter introducing my new firm, Hudson Fulton.

Hello -

I’m writing to my friends, family and business associates to introduce a new business venture.  Together with two long-time business colleagues and literal comrades in arms, I am launching Hudson Fulton, a frontier market investment research and asset management firm.

To those of you whom have followed my entrepreneurial business and public service endeavors over the years, you will recognize Hudson Fulton as a marriage of both my entrepreneurial nature and the passion I’ve long harbored for other entrepreneurs in the less economically fortunate regions around the world.  Many of you though, will likely be surprised by one component of my experiences in frontier and emerging markets over the past decade – an experience base that I share with my founding Hudson Fulton partners and an experience that sets Hudson Fulton apart from any other frontier market investment research and asset management firm.

Elite Frontier Market Experience

While building entrepreneurial businesses in Africa, South America, South East Asia and Asia, I was also periodically working as a contractor to a United States intelligence agency.  While my founding partners and I all originally met many crow’s feet lines ago under helmet with American Flags on our shoulders, we all crossed public service paths again while engaged in various undertakings for the United States intelligence community.  My partners war stories are far more exciting than mine.  My Intelligence work always permitted me to wear wingtips while my partners more often than not donned combat boots.  Together we bring a base of experience and network of resources I contend no other frontier market investment research and asset management firm will be able to match.

Our Generation’s Race To The Moon

In this time of economic disparity and resulting conflict within the United States, met strangely by embarrassing political flamboyance and vanity, I submit for your consideration, that frontier-market-development can be the new race-to-the-moon.   Half a century ago, the United States was literally on fire amidst civil rights protests, an unpopular foreign war in South East Asia and a cold detente with the Soviet Union.   In gracious contrast, the space program was a unifying reprieve from the chaos, fear and anger that otherwise characterized the Country’s social and political climate.  Each step in the race to the moon captured the nation’s collective imagination.  In fact, the imagination of the entire world.  The space program’s progress demonstrated the seemingly impossible was indeed possible.  That in spite of our failings as a society and global community, great achievements for all mankind were still within reach.  The space program kept hope for humanity’s future alive. and I believe a robust frontier market economic development program can do the same thing.

Higher Purpose; Highly Profitable

We believe frontier market investments and development projects can bring much needed economic development to frontier markets with a sustainable nature that well intended charitable projects cannot meet.  Like the 1960’s space program, we also believe frontier market investments and development projects staged out of the United States are good for the economic and social spirit the United States.  The corner stone of any frontier market development project opportunity is the highly profitable potential of frontier market investments. 

Manageable Frontier Market Investment Risk

The key to any strategy to manage and mitigate risk is in engaging experienced talent.  Hudson Fulton has the boots and wingtips on the ground experience to make frontier market risk a manageable project consideration.  The team has managed high-tech, shipping, manufacturing, energy, and agricultural industry projects in emerging and frontier markets to include start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, and local enterprise investments. In addition to working with the United States intelligence community, the team has worked with the United States Department of State, the United Nations and the governments of multiple frontier market countries. With Hudson Fulton, investment firms can reasonably add frontier market projects to their portfolios.

Call To Action

Hudson Fulton is just getting started.  The purpose of my letter here to tell you about Hudson Fulton is two-fold:  1.  I am reaching out to my network to look for parties interested in frontier market opportunities and in need of the experience that Hudson Fulton has to offer, and 2.  I am looking for equity partners. If you have a frontier market interest or might know of someone that has a frontier market interest, please contact me or introduce me.

Thank you for your time and consideration. 


Philip Verges

Hudson Fulton